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Why bus the gringo trail when you're a rental away from complete freedom and some of the world's finest motorcycle touring?

Traveling the way you want should not be limited by budget or plans.


It should be affordable and practical, perhaps with certain compromises - although none on quality.

That's how hostels and rentals have empowered generations to stay around the world.

We believe that a motorcycle is the perfect companion when it comes to travel and adventure, so now you can explore Colombia on your own terms.

Sounds good? It gets better.

We are passionate about combining form & function,

so our custom motorcycles are like the country itself:


It rides as great as it looks.

Welcome to Odyssey Motorcycle Colombia


A motorcycle is guaranteed to make your travels more independent, rewarding and authentic.


Crafted for adventure and thoroughly maintained, our rides will take you anywhere and turn some heads along the way. 


Premium insurance coverage and gear included with all rentals.

Golden ornament from the Calima indigenous tribe representing dueling jaguars.

We have an ever expanding stock of practical riding gear and accessories to make sure you're ready to face anything on the road.

Parts of our apparel collection are available in our store, from custom vintage helmets to keychains, shirts and more.




Colombia is a rider's paradise. Ancient civilizations of the Andes, tropical beaches and colonial towns wait to be rediscovered.

Whether exploring off the beaten track or experiencing famous landmarks differently take a look at some of our favorite routes.



Do I need a driver's license ?

What's the weather like ?

Will I get kidnapped ?

Can I pay with Bitcoin ?


We have answers to questions you didn't even know you had. 



Looking for an exceptional place to lay down your bags, be it boutique or cabin?

Where to shop local style or organic food ?

Maybe some sweaty salsa or the best rum in town?


Perhaps a good mechanic or lawyer...

Whatever it is you're looking for, we know a guy. And a good one. 


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