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What do I need to rent a motorcycle ?

To rent one of our motorcycles you will need:

o Your passport

o A motorcycle driver’s license (no need for an international one)

o A deposit

o A credit card

How does insurance work ?

We are the only rental company in Colombia offering a supplemental insurance coverage on all of our rentals in addition to the mandatory SOAT insurance. This combination gives you the following coverage: You: Healthcare costs up to 13 million COP (4600USD approximately) as well as compensation in case of invalidity or death. Others: Total coverage of any damage and liabilities, material or personal, to third parties. The Motorcycle: Covered for total loss. This policy also includes nationwide roadside assistance (repair, towing, lodging). We recommend you have a travel add on for your personal insurance or an on the go one such as WorldNomads, just in case.

What forms of payment do you guys take ?

We accept a wide range of payment methods, some of them with a discount. In order of preference: - Major credit or debit cards - Cash (5% discount) - Cryptocurrencies (10% discount)

Do you really accept cryptocurrencies ?

Yeah, really. We accept the following cryptocurrencies:


Can I store some of my stuff with you during my journey ?

Yes. We have storage space available in our office. Feel free to drop as much of your stuff as you wish with us. The lighter you travel, the more free you will be.

Do you offer guided tours ?

We are mainly a rental company, although we do offer guide services on request. All the routes featured on our page are self guided. Check back soon though, as we have related projects in the pipeline.

I think I deserve a discount.

We already have some great discounts set up for our bikes and apparel but we’re open to discussion.

Here are some arguments we’re willing to consider:

o You’re bringing friends

o You want a long-term rental

o You produce great content (Photography, video, text, drawing, etc.)

o You want to do some volunteering

o You want to map out a part of Colombia way off the beaten track for us.

What’s included with my rental ?

o A maintained motorcycle with a full tank and its respective accessories

o A NTC 4533 certified helmet of your choice

o Mandatory and premium insurance + roadside support

o Luggage storage

o Counseling on your itinerary.

o 15% discount on our apparel.

Since this is Locombia I can drive however I want right?

Wrong. Colombia is getting quite serious about traffic law and regulations recently. Colombia has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding intoxicated driving. And you won’t be bribing your way out of it either. We strongly support responsible driving and the recent initiatives of the Colombian authorities to enforce it. Of course the country is still quite a bit more relaxed than most western countries. The main things to watch out for is intoxicated driving, speeding and unauthorized parking. These can lead to the bike being impounded and a lot of paperwork to get it back.

Should you commit any infractions on the road, you will receive the state fines as well as our own for dealing with the situation, even after having left the country. Keep in mind that the bike is in your name for the duration of the rental. This means that if you decide not to comply with the sanctions, you will have a criminal record in Colombia with accrued interest on the fine and the possibility for your current and future travel visa to be revoked.

You wouldn’t want a bad surprise at the border on your next trip to South America, so don’t give Papaya.

What do you mean “don’t give papaya”?

It’s a typical Colombian expression which means don’t put yourself in an easily avoidable situation with disagreeable consequences, gringo.

Do you have any riding gear available?

We offer certified full face, open and modulable helmets with your rental.

We also have gloves, rain gear, straps, and GoPros available for rent for a one time fee.

We strongly recommend, as a bare minimum, to always ride with boots, jeans and a sturdy jacket.

Can you guys help me out with routes and places to see?

For sure, it's our job. We'll gladly give you some recommendations for routes and places if you're renting for a short term. If you're renting mid to long term, we'll craft you a personalized tour. Check out our "Custom" page under "Your Journey".

Do you do walk ins?

Absolutely, we love spontaneity! Whatever moment of your journey you are on, planned or unplanned, be sure that you can make it more thrilling with an Odyssey machine.

Keep in mind that we might be fully booked or that the ride you were checking out might not be available. Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, Email, Facebook or here and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

What if I want to travel with my full backpack?

Great! Most of our motorcycles are fitted out with a luggage rack exactly for this purpose. We’ll also teach you how to master the art of strapping your backpack to your bike. Also, think about taking a rain cover for your backpack if you have one, otherwise we can find one for you.

I want to take someone on the back of my rental.

You can take someone on the back for a 25% fee. Also please keep in mind that back rider is not covered by our premium insurance policy.

If the someone on the back is a special someone, ask us about our romantic getaways. Guaranteed success whether it's a soulmate or tinder date.

Can you guys drop the bike off at my accommodation ?

We can deliver the bike at your desired location around the Poblado area after paperwork and for a fee.

Can I book in advance?

Yes, and we recommend doing so to guarantee you get the motorcycle and gear you want. If you'd like to book in advance, we require the aforementionned documents as well as a deposit equaling 30% of the value of your reservation.

What motorcycle should I get?

It really depends on your itinerary, riding style and experience. Roughly speaking, a street bike if you're planning on cruising and staying on the road & a dual sport if side roads turn you on and you're in it for the adventure.

I ride a big cc bike back home...

We know that it can be hard downsizing your engine when you're used to something more powerful. As you'd do with a hostel vs. hotel, the tradeoff for less "comfort" is affordability. You won't have the most luxurious product all for yourself but hey, you can do this for way longer and cheaper! Doing less with more also leads to many unexpected pros. You'd be surprised at maneuverability and fun a smaller cc engine offers. There will also be moments where you'll be happy you're not sitting on a heavy GS1200. Those include traffic, driving mistakes, dirt roads, breakdowns/repairs, picking the bike up and many more. Furthermore, our motorcycles pack quite a punch for their size thanks to some custom mods. You'll be in the top 10% of fastest things on the road down here, including cars, buses and other motorcycles. Plus, there's a reason the local culture favors smaller motorcycles: you'll rarely need something faster than our bikes can go (only uphill and overtaking). And if you really can't live without that extra horsepower, you can always take our Royal Enfield for a spin.

On the road

Is driving in Colombia dangerous ?

Riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity and driving in Colombia is no exception. If you're referring to cartels, military roadblocks, crooked cops or rebel organizations, don't worry. Although certainly not perfect, the country is the scene of one of the most impressive socio-economic turnarounds in recent history. Colombians are some of the friendliest and most caring people in this corner of the universe and they're happy to have you here. Certain small areas are still controlled by shady caracters, although you won't end up in those regions by accident. Driving in cities can be a hectic experience if you’ve never driven in a developing country, although nothing compared to South East Asia. Traffic is filled with motorcycles and therefore more reactive to them as you'd think. Nevertheless you should always drive as defensively as possible as drivers are quite unpredictable. Rest assured that as soon as you leave major cities (which should be as soon as possible anyways), the roads are unlike anything you've seen before, a mindblowing rider's paradise. People here are used to very liberal traffic rules and are expecting certain behaviors – etiquette almost - which we’ll guide you through and that will ensure you being as safe as possible on the road (overtaking, vehicle size, etc). The real danger is trying to keep your eyes on the road as the country and some its inhabitants are always a stunning view.

What about fines or traffic infractions ?

During the period of your rental, all the infractions and fines will be directly linked to your name and passport. We therefore advise you to pay them before leaving the country if you don't want to have trouble with Colombian customs and a fine with accrued interest.

What if I crash/damage on the bike ?

We’ve been backpacking for some time and know how these situations can get sketchy. Our highest priority is your safety, we are here to help you out, so talk to us.

In case of a light accident, we suggest giving us a call and we will assess the situation together. In case of something more serious, call Sura or us directly. They will show up as quickly as possible with mechanical and/or medical assistance as required. The full procedure and more is on the emergency paper you'll receive.

Damages will be deduced from, but are not limited to, your security deposit.

What if I breakdown?

Our bikes are purchased new and undergo frequent and thorough maintenance. However, shit happens. If you break down, you can call us to get our assessment of the situation, but you basically have two solutions: either you get it fixed by the local handyman (subject to reimbursement or not) or you give Sura a call and wait to be towed/repaired.

What’s the mileage limit?

Nada. Knock yourself out, as long as you stay in Colombia.

Where's the reserve/choke/etc. on this bike ?

Don’t worry, we’ll show the intricacies of the ride you chose before your departure

This Odyssey gig seems pretty sweet, are you guys looking for people?

If you’re in joining the team or expanding the brand, feel free to shoot us a text, we're always happy to meet awesome people.

What about gas and cleaning?

We deliver the bikes clean with a full tank and expect them returned in the same condition. Gasoline is readily and cheaply available everywhere in Colombia. A full tank of corriente for most of our bikes is about 20’000COP, ~7USD.

Lavaderos are also widely available accross the country and will clean your ride up for a bargain.

What if I’m late returning the motorcycle ?

We encourage you to be punctual although we will try to be as accommodating as possible. Let us know as soon as possible whether you will be returning the motorcycle outside of the agreed upon duration or opening hours. We do offer out of hours returns for a small fee. Should you fail to inform us about your situation and return it late, we will charge the extra days at full rate as well as a late return fee.

What's up with the weather?

You can ride Colombia year round, as there is always a place with an agreeable weather due to the country's extreme biodiversity. The sheer variety of climates is seriously ridiculous. There's a reason it's the world's second most biodiverse country.

The temperature is relatively stable by region, with the rainfall varying with the seasons. Being located right above the equator does not mean it's flip flop weather all over the place, as Colombia goes from snow to deserts.

Rain is not really an obstacle for long or short trips, as downpours never usually last long on the small scale and you can escape local microclimate within a day's drive on the large scale.Plus, you're a badass traveler anyways and with our full body rain gear you'll be a master of the elements. If you're not that badass, just pull over to sip a delicious coffee while the weather clears up.

We are based in Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring, and are fortunate to enjoy a great weather year-round in the cosy Valle de Aburra. The driest months in the Andean region are from December to March and June to August, the wettest May and October.

Bogota, although being a mere 240km away is quite a bit chillier in its damp, tropical highlands. Cross the Cordillera of the Andes and you'll arrive in the vast plains of the eastern Llanos.

Pass the Chicamocha canyon towards the north coast is hot year round, with Cartagena being very humid while the snow capped mountains over the Sierra Nevada tower over the arid desert of La Guajira.

The South is on average fresher but this is as far as a generalisation can go. It is home to a mind blowing density of different climates and landscapes. You can see a desert, a jungle, a paramo and a volcano within two days riding.

We don’t offer reimbursement due to weather conditions unless it is a cas de force majeur.


Why are you triggering my wanderlust this hard?

This is called the "Odyssey Effect". The more time you spend riding our unique motorcycles and checking out our stuff on social networks, the worse it gets. Side effects of riding motorcycles through latin america may include wanting to buy one back home, overstaying your visa and/or overthrowing governments in a socialist revolution.

Are your bikes for sale? Do you do customs?

Whether you’re an expat or want to travel the continent for a longer while, we periodically have second hand motorcycles up for sale. If you'd like a brand new one, we can also arrange on demand

If you already have a motorcycle and want it fitted out for adventure or have to fix it post adventure, we can sort you out as well. Same goes for and apparel- we ship worldwide.

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